GSoC 2017 - Community Bonding Period

Posted on 28/05/2017 at 10:00 PM by The Vibe.

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Community Bonding Period is roughly a 4-week period before the coding period wherein the selected GSoC students and mentors get to know more about each other, and also discuss more about the project implementation. This year, SciRuby ( GitHub | Website ) has selected 3 students - Prasun, Shekar and myself. As Shekhar & myself were selected for the same project idea, we had to split the project idea into 2 components and re-draft our timeline schedules.

A consensus was reached that the project will be split into two parts namely daru-io and daru-view , with the former being done by me and the latter being done by Shekhar.

Video Conference #1

  • Attendees : Shekhar & Myself
  • Date : 8th May 2017
  • Time : 4:15PM - 5:15PM IST

Through this one hour long discussion, we shared the main highlights of each other's proposals that help with my daru-io part as well as Shakhar's daru-view part. We also had a discussion regarding which libraries could be used for various use cases, and whether we could integrate daru-io and daru-views through a use-case like a 'Download' option in Ruby web frameworks like Rails.

Video Conference #2

  • Attendees : Shekhar & Myself
  • Date : 12th May 2017
  • Time : 4:30PM - 5:50PM IST

This discussion was essentially a continuation of the previous video conference. We discussed more regarding adding more features in the same timeline, now that our work has been split well. The consensus was to add more support to both daru-io and daru-views. That is, more Import-Export modules will be added to daru-io during the colloborated timeline, while more plotting library support will be added to daru-view .

Video Conference #3

  • Attendees : Sameer, Victor, Shekhar & Myself
  • Date : 24th May 2017
  • Time : 7:10PM - 8:40PM IST

Through this video conference, we discussed about both our re-drafted proposals with mentors Sameer and Victor. By running through our proposal week by week and module by module, we made sure that our timelines have been re-drafted feasibly, and without any clashes. The colloborated proposal now has the following deliverables :

  • Daru-IO gem repository, with
    1. Setups : Rspec, Rubocop, Yard docs and Travis CI
    2. Importers : HTML, Redis, JSON, Mongo, Avro, Rdata
    3. Exporters : CSV, Excel, JSON, Avro, Rdata
  • A Sample Rails Application showing usage of daru, daru-io and daru-views gems.

Bonus : GSoC Meetup at Chennai

  • Attendees (from left) : Afroz, Myself, Keerthana, Vignesh, Nishanth
  • Date : 27th May 2017
  • Time : 5:20PM - 7:00PM IST
  • Venue : Phoenix Mall, Velachery

GSoC'17 Meetup at Chennai

This was an offline meetup that took place between GSoCers from Chennai, to discuss about their projects, coding, colleges, TV series and what not! It was good to meet a couple of like-minded people with similar interests.